Vintage fur for cold weather!

That V Situation




Shirt and pants Gap, shoes Kurt Geiger, ring Mango, vintage bag

The decolleté evolves and descends from neck to belly, we all see/join into lots of stomach in the street this summer. At first it is an involuntary joint, minutes in front of the mirror are spent, first steps with covering the skin surreptitiously and pretend to be holding  your bag. Then a time comes and you catch the ratifier glance…KAPOW!! Here comes the addiction. Thanks to showing off the abdominals, steps are more and more confident. If you have a muscular, smooth, free of any fat problems kind of stomach, you have already showed your belly. Well I am not proud of my stomach so there is a solution who envies these super girls. From now on, V neck is not about neck anymore. V is the key to show the abdominals. And once you show it, you can’t give up showing it!

In True White


stradivarius bomber, yargıcı sweater and shirt, zara skirt, bsb pants, vintage bag,fratelli rosetti shoes, saint lauren ring

Let’s get some courage and layer skirt and pants. If you are wearing patterned skirt use one colored pants to give the effect as they are tights. In same colors they look like one piece, not seperate parts. Tunics and trousers are also an option. Coming seasons, pants and skirts will be besties.