Mom Jeans

mom's jeans metallic shoes white on white biker jacket

zara jeans and shoes, yargıcı biker and top


The Boy Called As Metallics

cardi over lace cami coat layers metallic shoes

If I wear a boy’s thing, I wear it with a girl’s thing.. and name after him every time.

For this look, I call the boy as metallics.

Love of Two Opposite Poles

biker jacket brown and grey lace1 leather earrings

yargıcı biker and earrings, h&m bag and pants, river island boots, ipekyol tunic

Platonic love, one does not care much love, hold and don’t let move love, if this is love, what is good with it love, I can’t breath love, all giving me pain love, explotation of one part love,

the list goes on..

Nothing is lasting  as Carrie said can’t live without each other love.. Still I love being in love…

With love…


knitvintage chaneloversized coatcutoutboots

mango sweater, jeans and coat, river island boots, vintage chanel bag

Merry Christmas to all! Wish to have all wishes come true.. I know it is noticed impossible when said, but hope is what we want, isn’t it?

P.S. I am having an affair with this sweater!







Boundaries or restrictions are for countries as well as politics! Fashion hates rules. 10 years ago no one had an ass to wear navy with black/ pink with red. Yet, today it is all about thinking outside the box! The coat cannot be reinvented but the styling has its limits in imagination.



The crop top is from Asos paired with mom’s old skirt. I wear the skirt always and always with buttons open. The clue to wear this kind of skirt is to clearly perceive only one button decides to be flasher or sexy. It is not us to decide how we look. The authority is the clothes that have the capability to use our bodies to display themselves.