Jeffrey Campbell shoes, H&M shirt, Zara crop top, Chanel bag, Sheinside denim jacket

Men’s Shirt

men's shirt pink and white shirt and skirt skirt with skirt skirt over skirt


Another layering from me. I am obsessed with layering and mixing. Hope you like it. Big kisses.

cos men’s shirt, zara mini skirt, diy midi skirt, superga sneakers

Spring Is Here

dress over dress oversized coat with dress shirt dress spring look cutout bootspleatsblossom


Victoria Beckham is surprisingly successful as a designer. She proves that she designs better than she sings. As her latest creativity, pleats under/over skirts is in my mind for this spring.

For this inspired look: layer a shirt dress with pleated cotton dress add some personality with oversized coat and cutout boots.

zara shirt dress (old), yargıcı dress, vintage coat and asos boots ( black and grey

Zigzag Line

flats navy and red navy and pink tartan skirt

vintage coat, mango sweater, miss sixty skirt, inci flats

Thank you for all your comments on the previous post.. I am happy to see I am not the only one having problems on location and feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera.


reflection blazer and jeans windy gold and white masculin look gray jacket

Sometimes it is hard to find place for shooting. I think for hours and nothing! I am a camera shy person and can’t be comfortable when people are staring at me, so the most considerable point is it shouldn’t be a crowded place. This option makes it even more difficult to find. So another hour of thinking… After a year of blogging and thinking of places I decided, best suitable one is near. The one that I pass everyday without noticing…

vintage jacket, old sweater, gap pants, mango bag, asos shoes and rings


fashmongers-blackandwhite shoes pink cardi tartan and flowers fashmongers_zara skort

A smell, a sound, music, a taste, a color, a view or an apparel grabs our mind and takes us to a journey to our past. Good times are always there to make us smile. Bad ones? Never ever think about them. Take the lesson and move on. Be aware of, in the future they will be a memory and a smell makes you think of it as ‘hmm, so peaceful’ or just as ‘a ha, I know that smell’.

yargıcı coat and shoes, zara skort, nine west bag, park bravo cardi