Winter Essential

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mango sweater, asos skirt, guess bag

Why not cozy skirts?

That V Situation




Shirt and pants Gap, shoes Kurt Geiger, ring Mango, vintage bag

The decolleté evolves and descends from neck to belly, we all see/join into lots of stomach in the street this summer. At first it is an involuntary joint, minutes in front of the mirror are spent, first steps with covering the skin surreptitiously and pretend to be holding  your bag. Then a time comes and you catch the ratifier glance…KAPOW!! Here comes the addiction. Thanks to showing off the abdominals, steps are more and more confident. If you have a muscular, smooth, free of any fat problems kind of stomach, you have already showed your belly. Well I am not proud of my stomach so there is a solution who envies these super girls. From now on, V neck is not about neck anymore. V is the key to show the abdominals. And once you show it, you can’t give up showing it!

Black and White


The vest is designed by my mom when she was in her 20s. Isn’t it timeless?

skort Yargıcı, shoes Superga, clutch H&M, rings Asos, Bracelet Mango

New Accessory


1.CarolinesMode 2.Jak&Jil3-5.DesignAndCultureByEd 4.StreetPeeper

After the fashion month, one style stands out from the break above all of those catwalks, beautiful street style potographs, new collections…is toy fur hanging from the shouders. Giles Deacon dinosaur bag hits the streets 2 years ago(pic.1-2). Marc Jacobs wraps plush fox fur around the neck(pic.3). Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya hangs plush fox off the shoulders for her new collection(pic.4-5). We all noticed Quvenzhane Wallis wearing plush bags for awards but we cannot see this trend coming. Even the editors did not give enough attention to Giles dinosaur bags for S/S 2010.

I remember myself wearing a plush backpack when I was 4-5. Now it is time to dig into the closet and take it out. Kidding! Of course I do not keep it. Instead, I use my toy! Yep, I keep it. It will be my new accessory, and take it everywhere I go- regardless of puzzled stares.


Fratelli Rosetti shoes, Bershka jeans, Mango sweater, Yargıcı scarf, jacket and bag

Killing is a murder it does not change the meaning even it is for fashion or done to animals. For our luxury and symbol of status, under the name of ‘fashion’ 50 million animals are killed in a year. This trend is important because it is a kind of protest to these murders.

Gorgeous Duo

_MG_1405_MG_1399_MG_1404mango shoes, gap pants, twist shirt, vintage sweater

This spring, don’t expect flowers or bright colors, it is all about black and white. Ha ha! I may sound as scaremonger but no, come on! This is fashmonger. And together with my boyfriend-taking my photos- we are fashmongers.

This summer, assuredly there are colorful flowers, only lights are on black and white with geometric prints. Applause for the gorgeous duo..


_MG_1373_MG_1375_MG_1377Mango pants and bag, Twist sweater, 21 leather jacket

Stripes are the hit patterns for the coming season (and I can say for fall, with the reference of New York Fashion Week). The streets are becoming the geometric illusions. Don’t stare! Unless, you can find your self daydreaming of calm seaside instead of being thrown into the air of hurried city life.