Vintage fur for cold weather!

F for Faux

blackandredfur skirtnew

h&m cardi, inci bag, asos skirt

For winter indispensable material is fur, but faux fur! No other creature but human, kills for its own pleasure. I am not PETA member-even so, there’s nothing wrong about it- but supporter of the animal rights as well as the human rights. Blogs are strong channels to reach millions and hear your voice. One person is a gain-I believe. This murder must end and I will continue to write my thoughts about this unless I won’t be who I am and will be acting to you.

BTW this is not who I am in these photos, I am having a badfuckinghairday situation!

New Accessory


1.CarolinesMode 2.Jak&Jil3-5.DesignAndCultureByEd 4.StreetPeeper

After the fashion month, one style stands out from the break above all of those catwalks, beautiful street style potographs, new collections…is toy fur hanging from the shouders. Giles Deacon dinosaur bag hits the streets 2 years ago(pic.1-2). Marc Jacobs wraps plush fox fur around the neck(pic.3). Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya hangs plush fox off the shoulders for her new collection(pic.4-5). We all noticed Quvenzhane Wallis wearing plush bags for awards but we cannot see this trend coming. Even the editors did not give enough attention to Giles dinosaur bags for S/S 2010.

I remember myself wearing a plush backpack when I was 4-5. Now it is time to dig into the closet and take it out. Kidding! Of course I do not keep it. Instead, I use my toy! Yep, I keep it. It will be my new accessory, and take it everywhere I go- regardless of puzzled stares.


Fratelli Rosetti shoes, Bershka jeans, Mango sweater, Yargıcı scarf, jacket and bag

Killing is a murder it does not change the meaning even it is for fashion or done to animals. For our luxury and symbol of status, under the name of ‘fashion’ 50 million animals are killed in a year. This trend is important because it is a kind of protest to these murders.