Spring Is Here

dress over dress oversized coat with dress shirt dress spring look cutout bootspleatsblossom


Victoria Beckham is surprisingly successful as a designer. She proves that she designs better than she sings. As her latest creativity, pleats under/over skirts is in my mind for this spring.

For this inspired look: layer a shirt dress with pleated cotton dress add some personality with oversized coat and cutout boots.

zara shirt dress (old), yargıcı dress, vintage coat and asos boots ( black and grey


20 thoughts on “Spring Is Here

  1. Such a funny post! You’re right about VB;) Lovely spring outfit and you look flawless and fresh! x

  2. Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite designers… which for a lot of years I didn’t really admit because she was a Spice Girl… but you are so right, she designs a lot better than she sings. Great Post.

  3. omg those boots. i love them!
    i personally never really liked victoria beckham as a public figure, i don’t dig the whole posh thing she got going on. but i must admit her fashion line is always amusing!

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