green and gray teddy sweater culottes


There are trends that you don’t like and insist that you will never wear it. However after months of  coming through the images of indigestible look on celebs and more importantly on bloggers, then it is time to adopt the look.

 The sentences will be like ”In my defense, I think I cannot pull this look” or ”that look doesn’t fit my body type”, bla bla…

If  something is in fashion, everyone will somehow swallow the noes and wonts and plunge into it sooner or later.

Culottes are one of this seasons uncourageously agreeable apparel.


25 thoughts on “Comfy

  1. Great culottes, it’s definitely the trend of the year, but I’ll pass on it, I don’t have the legs for that, I’d look like a Hobbit! And the word ‘culottes’ will make every Froggie laugh, as it means ‘knickers’ in French. We say ‘jupe-culottes’ in fact!
    Mafalda ❤

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