basics stefanel knit pants

stefanel pants, zara tee and shirt, yargıcı sweaters

This is what I like to wear on off day, which means no photos…

Sometimes I need a day-off from blogging to refresh my mind, and spend the day with my loved ones.  I wear casual and simple looks without any makeup. I turn off the comments and blog related social media and try not to check for one day.  Do you guys need a day off? What do you like to do or wear on these days?


79 thoughts on “Casual

  1. Oh boy, yes I do need some time off! But I just can’t seem to find the time. Last sunday was the first time since, well I can’t even remember, we took a little break. Love you layered look, take care babe!

  2. OMG I adore your style. You have pretty smile. Love your combination of comfy pants and this sweater. I am here the first time in my life but i am sure that i will be here more often. Feel free to visit my blog at and maybe we can follow each other? Greetings and kisses ANIA

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