Pearl Detected


My grandma’s most precious jewels are her pearls. She regularly picks them from their secret place and checks if they are gone or staying. Only wears on special occasions – believe me – which is very rare.

I never understand her attitude towards pearls until these last few years. From Celine to Delfina Delettrez all use pearl in their accessories. If I have Delettrez earring with eye and pearl on top, I will wrap with cotton and conserve in a box unless I am not wearing it – believe me- which is very often.

But when I get old, the relation with my Delettrez earring barely stays the same.. I’ll wrap and conserve and wear almost never.

P.S. Sonia from Slyonthewall inspired me about the writing, with her last post about her grandma.


47 thoughts on “Pearl Detected

  1. Hi Pelin, I’m so pleased you felt inspired by my blog post. Your pearl story is very lovely. x

  2. Such a sweet post! Beautiful photos! I think there is always that one special piece of jewelry that is classic and investment-worthy that you keep, protect, and almost never wear. I think it’s in the hopes they become an heirloom and are passed down to younger generations. I hope your earrings become that same type of treasure 🙂

  3. I’ve always really loved pearls. There is something so timeless about them. Really craving that massive pearl earring from Dior. Yummy.

    p.s. I hope one day to be a grandma who wears pearls! xx

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