Re-post 2013

Kayık2 _MG_1339 _MG_1383 _MG_1700 _MG_1733 _MG_1775-2 _DSC0140 _MG_2082 _MG_2130 blackandwhite ash-shoes _MG_2306 _MG_2358 Slide4 _MG_2419 _MG_2456 Grunge dontlook-dress 20131010-100807.jpg _MG_2632 image _DSC0036 _MG_2706 _MG_2713 20131126-165025.jpg image image selfie fur skirt 20131213-024541.jpg light tartan scarf fotoğraf 3 grunge knit lace1 _MG_2097 _MG_1399 _MG_1377

2014 comes with new luck, new opportunities, new ideas and more courage… now, time to look ahead! Thanks for your support and comments…


20 thoughts on “Re-post 2013

  1. Wow! So many beautiful looks! I especially loved the first one with the green shoes, what a great shot! Also, the one where you are wearing a dress facing a beach full of umbrellas… stunning! xo

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