Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Shoe Trends

Thanks to internet and social media, consumption frenzy is rising rapidly. Newest is not a concept anymore. The new grows obsolete in minutes. While fashion magazines are writing about the new trends of the season, we are all talking about the coming trends of the next season in social media, thus articles prepared by their enthusiasm, do not create the same effect upon us- certainly, except editorial images.

I, personally, read with pleasure every month but not to learn the new, to remember the new- generally my response is like ‘wow, this also exists’. More importantly, I am interested in how they combined the brands or what kind of story-telling they use to reflect the trends in editorials.

Anyone , fashion  related knows about the blogs. Even the editors have blogs. Namely, we have already read about the prominent trends of upcoming season. So I look over next winter shoe trends by saying ‘ summer trends stay in summer’.

It is a season that we shoul be open to new. Wait. First things first. Sneaker craze is perminant. Yay! Max Mara, J.W.Anderson, Simone Rocha, Antonio Marras and Givenchy pre-fall is totally onto sneakers and loafers.


Over the knee boots are having the most popular season but with renewals. Reed Krakoff uses white soles. It is better to get used to shoe socks. Chanel, Celine, Alexander McQueen stand out with over the knee models where Valentino and Missoni stay beneath with booties. While Prada is helping to prepare ourselves to this image with her spring collection, designers have already implicated it to fashion world. Chanel’s leather sock shaped shoes extending over-knee, is a proof that we should adopt this trend. Alexander McQueen adds a different style to Elizabethan look with sock shaped shoes which is netted with pearl by being inspired from tudor dynasty.


Architectural structures are dominant in heels as in Alexandre Birman, Pierre Hardy and Dior. Not only the heels, we see in Balenciaga the marble patterns on flipointed shoes. Flip-flop and pointed toe merges to form flipointed.


Geometric designs continue to optic illusion over shoes as striped ones in Givency, checked ones in Aquazurra.


It is cold outside so the winter shoes must wear sweaters as in Alexander Wang or must be covered with fur as in Fendi.


Prada, Miu Miu, Carven and Stella McCartney adopt the principle of, to protect the feet from cold start with the sole. By sole I mean tyre sole.


Which one is your favorite?


14 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Shoe Trends

  1. I totally agree.. fashion trends now last like 45 minutes. I look at my closet and I’m like damn, I bought this in October and it’s out of style already. What’s a girl got to do?

    Anyway, I love the geometric design and the architectural shapes the best. The fugly sneakers need to die a horrible death.

    Lastly, you write very intelligently. I would love it if we could follow each other!


  2. It’s so true that ‘new’ fashion is basically not a thing anymore.

    I’m absolutely loving the optical illusions shoes – especially the ones from Givenchy which are also in keeping with the monochrome trend that’s seriously everywhere right now.

    I’m also just generally a fan of sneakers – but only when worn well. I hate jeans and joggers more than anything and I think with better sneaker design it’s a lot easier to wear them well with denim.

    What’s your favourite shoe trend?

    So glad I stumbled across your blog, it’s so well written and interesting! Definitely adding you to my blog reading list.

    x louise

      • I like the aesthetic of tyre soles but they’re so heavy that I feel like they only really look good in photos/editorials etc. That’s not to say I don’t think people should wear them (because hey, each to their own), but just personally I think they end up making people look clunkier than they actually are.

        And you’re welcome! I’m not much of a ‘comment for comment’s sake’ type of commenter. x

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