The Shoe Impact

2013-01-23 20.54.46Kayık3Kayık4Kayık22Kayık2Kayık5ipekyol coat and dress, tommy hilfiger sweater, asos shoes

The idea of footwear arises to protect the foot. But there are different land shapes, so shoe shapes differ from culture to culture considering their functionality. Thus, there are alternatives as sandals, loafers, heels, sneakers… In time shoe becomes an item of accessories and desire object for every women. The reason why shoe has become a desire object is based on its impact on every outfit. It has the power to change the whole look and provides personal confidence. Don’t you set on more confidently and walk as everyone is looking at you on high heels?

No matter how many pairs we have, there is always a remaining budget especially cut from cup of coffee or a piece of cake. Thanks to that, we protect our weight.  My metallic green ones come over sea, from England to my arms. Metallic effect hits the streets since spring and remains for the next season. Worn with denim dress, turtleneck and trenchcoat to soften its effect. Soft colors serve to shepherd the attention toward the shoes. Doesn’t it deserve the whole attention? Doesn’t it worth the pain in high heels?

12 thoughts on “The Shoe Impact

  1. I love the look (want those shoes), and once again you look as beautiful as ever!

    I have only recently started my own blog and would love to hear your opinion on it as you have done such a great job with your blog (count me as ur new reader). If you find a spare minute please have a look at it and let me know what you think of it:

    Keep up the great work xx Nicole

  2. Sometimes I feel a bit wobbly when everyone is looking at me in high heels.:) But they do bring some sexy back, no doubt. Love the shade of you green beauties!!

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